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Chinese Mold Supplier--Mould surface polishing 2012-03-27 13:37:44

Polishing is one of the most important process during the mould manufacture. A good polish make the product looks like shining. Otherwise there'll left the tooling mark on the product, making the product look ugly.

King Mould process the separate polishing team which make the good polishing job. After the first mold testing and everything confirm OK, then the polish begin. The quality will differ a lot with different method of polishing. Some one may just use sand paper polish the mould,since it's fast and quickly finish. In this way, you can see the surface will not be plane against the light. There'll some dent left if you check it carefully. This is because sand paper is soft and can't make the product surface plane where the tooling mark left.

But in KING MOULD, this will not happen. All of the product surface firstly wipe with the whetstone, from bold whetstone to light whetstone until the part surface is plane. Then we polish with the sand paper, also from bold to light. After then, we use polishing paste to grind the surface, in this method, the surface will be made plane and shining. But this will take a long time, mean much cost, but it's worth.

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