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Auto Air Conditioner Mould, Auto Grill Mould, Auto Wheel Cover Mould, Auto Mirror Mould, Auto Door Panel Mould, Auto Bumper Mould, Auto Instrument Panel Mould︱KING MOULD---Taizhou Huangyan King Mould CO.,LTD.

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Chinese Mould Manufacturer 2012-03-31 10:03:29

China Injection Molding Supplier-King Mould Co.,Ltd is one of top China Injection Molding Supplier and a professional China Injection Molding manufacturer.
Chinese Mould Supplier King Mould locates in Taizhou city, "the hometown" of Chinese plastic moulding , about half an hour by car from Taizhou airport and ten minutes from Taizhou Train station.

King Mould offers wide plastic moulding service range, provided molded plast components to many company home and abroad, classifying according to the function as fellow:

Home appliance mouldings
 Daily used injection molding
  Industrial moulding
  Cosmetic injection moulding
  Medical injection moulding
Also the component classifying according to the injection method
 Two plate moulding
  Three plate moulding
  Gas-assistant moulding
  Double-colour moulding
 In mold labeling moulding
  Blowing molding

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