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Chinese Mould Supplier -- Mould Tooling 2012-03-28 10:07:33

The most important in the mould manufacture covers two factor, one is mould design and the other is the mould machining.
Chinese Mold/Mould Maker--King Mould equipped with the whole series of machines from tough milling to finished milling. Which mean we not only make the perfect design in the computer, but take to perfect idea into reality. Here's the listed machining service we provided below:

  Plastic mould drilling
  Injection mould tough milling
  Injection mould Engraving
  Plastic mould high speed milling
  Plastic mould lathing
Plastic mould grinding
  Injection Mould Electrical Discharge
  Injection Mould Wire cutting
 Plastic mould depth drilling
Plastic mould boring

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